A fresh approach for every marketing taste, color, flavour, and even for day to day business surprises.


A fresh approach for every marketing taste, color, flavour, and even for day to day business surprises.





the social brand is here

Open communication, direct feedback.

Facebook is the second, global communication platform, after Google, a living social perception organism, which extends rapidly, having a substantial image impact on brands all over the world.

Social Media Marketing represents a great tool for informing, socializing and promoting brands, people and ideas, ensuring awareness and word of mouth, and completing the classic marketing instruments. Our team is always connected to all the online, social channels, building strong communities and brand lovers. Your brand simply can't miss the "social train", it is a must have for any business.

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There's no such thing as good or bad PR. There's excellent PR and no PR at all.

They say that the worst thing about being talked about is not being talked about. They are right, no word of mouth is no awareness.

Our PR specialists know when to follow media and business trends, and when to create and disseminate new ones. From strategy, memorable events, image crisis management, to relevant media communities, you will never be caught off guard when it comes to the right thing to say or wear, or the right place to be.

Making friends, not buying friends.


BRANDING - away from the crowd

The power of the brand is inside it's voice.

A real brand doesn't need to shout to be heard. It shouts only if it wants to or just for fun.

Our team loves reshaping brands, so that they can evolve to new exciting dimensions. Our ideas come to life inside a realistic circle, which starts from the target's profile and ends with the company's needs. This formula generates long term, positive results, ensuring our client a modern, different and stable brand position. From brand message and visual design, to media exposure and print quality, you will outsmart your competition with a quality product/service communication and a visionary corporate identity.

Get out! Stand out! Show them how it's done.

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writing, not typing.

Our copywriters and writers give a new meaning to words and publishing directions. Working hand in hand with the graphic and media departments, we provide full publishing concepts, execution and coordination. Our 8 year experience in publishing has developed a special reader's sense, that gives us the drive and competence to create must have publications, that are here to stay and that attract targeted media partnerships and sales.